How To Order Custom Illustrations From Your Photos


Step 1. Email your image to Please include any specific information you think we might need. 

Step 2. Our artists will assess the photo and respond with a quote. After approval they will create an illustration and remove any background.

Step 3. We will send you a digital proof for your approval.

Step 4. Once approved, we will send you a high resolution image and art file if possible. You can then upload it into our online design tool for some truly custom designed sun shirts.


Most illustrations average $70.00 US                      *We do require payment in advance but offer a full refund if not completly satisfied *                                 

Our average lead time is 2 days for a quote and another 2 days for the artwork to be completed. Depending on work volume it may take slightly longer.



Suggestions For A Better Illustration 

1. Please make sure the entire subject is in the photo and not blocked by any large objects. Most of the time our artists can remove smaller objects but it's best to avoid this if possible. Most of the time we can remove people that are driving the vehicle. Sometimes we can also keep the people in the illustration for an additional fee.

2. Please do not use blurry photos or subjects that are far away.

3. We can not change the angel of the subject. We trace the vehicle from the photo so changing the view isn't possible.

4. We offer many artwork services so please email us with any questions you might have. 


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